Our location in this idyllic natural environment makes La Fragua the perfect destination to enjoy a delicious meal after a relaxing walk along the trails of Fuentes Blancas. In addition, our burgers, such as the monkfish and prawn one, are a delight that is well worth a visit in itself.

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Our bar

You can taste the classic pinchos of the area, as well as a varied selection of burgers and snacks that will captivate you. It is the ideal place to share special moments with friends and family in a relaxed and welcoming atmosphere.
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At the La Fragua restaurant, more elaborate dishes await you.

Tasty grilled meats and fish that will make you salivate. In addition, we offer a daily menu that combines the freshness of local cuisine with comforting spoon dish options.

Our passion for food and service is reflected in every detail of your experience. Come and enjoy the perfect combination between the beauty of nature and the surprising flavors of our cuisine. We are waiting for you at La Fragua, your gastronomic corner in Fuentes Blancas!

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